Hyundai Wia Has a System to Shoot Down Drones

Business Korea website has reported that Hyundai Wia successfully conducted South Korea’s first anti-drone system (ADS) hard kill test at a firing range in North Chungcheong Province on July 5.

A hard kill is an active defense measure that combines interfering with drone radio waves and directly firing at and neutralizing a target. ADS systems counter the use of drones in military operations.

Hyundai Wia has the ability to identify drones using radar and advanced optics, intercept them with air burst munitions (ABMs) as well as interfere with a drone’s radio waves.

Hyundai Wia’s ADS minimizes the potential of civilian and colateral casualties by using streamer munitions, which are plastic straps that are released near the drones causing them to wrap around the rotors, disabling them. In the future Hyundai Wia will use steel ball rounds to counter fixed-wing drones.

Additionally, Hyundai Wia is developing a vehicle-mounted ADS to effectively combat fast-moving drones. Hyundai Wia plans to showcase the vehicle-mounted ADS at Seoul ADEX 2023, the largest defense exhibition in Korea, in October.