’s Business Relationships

The companies listed as Stung by Kia Partners have been determined by the website’s administrators to be supportive of the KDM automotive community, to have products or services of good value and quality, who have proven willing to incentivize’s members or readers through promotions, sales or group-buys, etc.; or lastly through most-favored-nation status regarding servicing our members. is therefore in a mutually beneficial relationship with our Partner companies.  In many cases the benefit is also financial.

Although the specifics and form of benefit varies, voluntary discloses that some Partners support this website through paying a subscription fee, others support via commissions, while others offer products to evaluate, display and/or promote.  That said,’s reviews and endorsements are its own, not influenced by Partner companies.  Additionally, not every product highlighted on this website is from a Partner affiliate company. reserves the right to deny promotion, or to address deficiencies found in a product if such deficiency is known and determined in’s own judgement to be of importance and of interest to our readers.

It should be noted that (with the sole exception of decals or apparel), that this website does not sell automotive related products. In all cases, whether during a group-buy, or with a promotion or sale found on this website the consumer’s financial transaction is directly with the Partner manufacturer, reseller or service provider. Thus the manufacturer, reseller or service provider is responsible for fulfilling its contractual obligations to the consumer, not

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