NYPD to Shoot GPS Trackers at Cars

Jalopnik website has posted the New York Police Department has introduced some very high-tech law enforcement gear, a pneumatic gun that shoots a sticky GPS tracker at moving vehicles.

This gun, known as the Guardian-HX and developed by StarChase offers an alternative to traditional police chases. It enables law enforcement to remotely track fleeing vehicles without deploying multiple pursuit cars.

The Guardian-HX launcher is based on an AR-15 rifle. Its lower receiver, which contains components like the stock, grip, trigger assembly, safety switch, and “magazine,” can be interchanged with other AR-style rifles. In the Guardian launcher, the trigger activates the release of pressurized gas to propel a GPS projectile. The technology allows the launcher to fire a single adhesive-tipped GPS tracker before reloading the barrel. The projectile travels at a claimed speed of 37 miles per hour and has a straightforward range of 35 feet. The company suggests that, with an arc, it could theoretically reach 60 feet.

Once the GPS tag is attached to a vehicle, it constantly relays its location to StarChase every two to five seconds. StarChase describes the Guardian as a “less-lethal” tool. It is reported the NYPD has invested $19,500 in the Guardian-HX project.

CBS News reported back in March that Old Westbury Long Island PD has installed vehicle mounted launchers on their police cars. The vehicle mounted launchers fire the StarChase GPS projectile.