Jalopnik: Hyundai Recalls Recall to Fix Fix for Seat Fires Caused By Bad Ioniq Hybrid Relays

Regarding 2017-2018 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid and PHEV, Jalopnik website has posted, “The recall specifically stems from a bad relay in the car’s Power Relay Assembly that was initially recalled because it had poor connections, which could cause increased resistance and, therefore, a bunch of heat. A bunch of heat could cause stuff to catch on fire, and car fires are bad, especially in hybrids and EVs.”

“The fix for this first recall, which occurred in 2018, was simple and involved replacing just the main relay if nothing was found to be damaged or replacing the whole Power Relay Assembly if something had been overcooked. That didn’t do the trick, though, because now 10,575 owners of affected vehicles are getting their cars recalled for the same issue, with concerns that their rear seat could catch on fire.”

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