Koreajoongangdaily: Hyundai vehicles hit more speed bumps in delivery times

Hyundai cars are seen at a customs terminal on the outskirts of Saint Petersburg, Russia June 1, 2022.

Korea Joong Ang Daily website reports: “Delivery delays of Hyundai Motor vehicles are becoming more severe as the shortage of components for cars such as semiconductors continues.”

“The models hit hardest are sports utility vehicle (SUV) GV80 and the Santa Fe Hybrid. A customer who purchases a GV80 will have to wait more than one year and six months before they can drive it off the lot. If the customer chooses the second row comfort package, which upgrades the backseats of the car, or the popular package, which adds additional features to the heads-up display and includes driving assistant features such as an augmented reality navigation system, they will have to wait another six months.”

“Delivery delays are also severe for other SUVs from Hyundai. The GV70, GV60, Ioniq 5, Tucson Diesel Hybrid and Venue will take a year to be delivered.”

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