Inside EVs: Why It’s Easier To Buy A Kia EV6 Over A Hyundai Ioniq 5

Apparently Kia USA is far ahead of the game with the EV6 than Hyundai USA is with the Ioniq 5, according to Inside EVs website.

“Simply put, Kia’s US dealers are much more prepared to sell EVs than Hyundai’s. Of the 775 US Kia dealers, 725 are now permitted to sell EVs. This is thanks in part to Kia handing out $12,500 to each dealership looking to install charging infrastructure, acquire EV-related tools and train staff on electric cars.”

“Hyundai by contrast are much further behind. The Ioniq 5 has “extremely limited availability” with it only being sold in 19 states initially. For reference the EV6 will be sold in every state from launch. Even worse, not every Hyundai dealership within those 19 states is EV-certified. In order to get certification dealers need public-facing charging, a minimum of one qualified EV salesperson, the correct displays and signage, service capability, technician training and EV-related tools.”

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