Engineering Explained: 3 Big Problems With Direct Injection Engines (Gasoline)

The Engineering Explained YouTube channel has posted a video entitled “3 Big Problems With Direct Injection Engines (Gasoline).” Since many of the internal-combustion engines sold in KDM cars are GDI (gasoline direct injection), we thought this video would be interesting to you our readers.

The advantages of GDI are many: less likelihood of knock, the possibility of higher compression ratios, higher boost and greater efficiencies. A commonly discussed potential downside of GDI is carbon deposits forming on intake valves. This is one reason why catch-cans are often installed by GDI engine car owners.

Other less discussed potential issues include timing chain wear, fuel dilution and low speed pre-ignition. Want to find out more and why it could be your oil’s various ratings that could be impacting these GDI related issues? Check out the video below:

For those with the twin-turbo 3.3L GDI Kia Stingers, the owners manual specifies “API SM/ILSAC GF-4,” however those standards have now been replaced by “API SP/ILSAC GF-6A.”