Woopa TV: Hyundai Ioniq 5 N – 584 HP monster electric car finally met

Woopa TV, a Korean YouTube channel has posted a video of a new Hyundai N car, the EV Ioniq 5 N!

I will post the actual video below for you to check out, however I was wondering what the on-camera host was saying about the new N car. As I do not understand Korean I pulled the transcript off YouTube, then fed that into Google Translate, and, well, came up with this …

In fact, I felt a part can be summed up in just one word ‘same muscle pig.’ Hello everyone, I’m Hanson Zao, one more time for a new car I want to show you more. The car next to me is Soi of Live all of a sudden (Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 N).

“If you look at it this way, we originally just. The car I was filming was just the color of gum. SpongeBob is in, with the veil of the stomach. Most of the swallows that were stuck together. It’s not a curtain of beauty that sticks together naver just drive sticker sticky sticker b veil made easy. It’s a car. What’s the difference?”

“Previously, once I showed you about that car. In the same case, a little test car I had a lot of feelings. Some parts are missing and reliability is just another peek-a-boo different from the existing Ioniq 5. It was very difficult to find the part.”

“A few shakes when the anime was released didn’t expect. That’s why I ride an electric car. Should admissions discuss the sword? Should I weigh the fun of driving?”

“If you approach it this way, you will find this traditional box Audi eTron juchi also electric car. You have to make a choice in Fun Fun car. Don’t let Woody get tired of two days the poor. That kind of focus on the fun of driving. After sharpening the knife, it shrinks. The omission that the dream is still difficult is very. It’s Mike. But I’m like this creating expectations that will change your mind a bit. Something like that happened recently.”

“Hyundai releases Anne’s model. I just can’t get my smoke to go away. I really risk my life and I really put all my heart and soul into it. It just comes out as a salvage dragon. I see things, but when I look at this car, the sticker design is attached, I will not be executed. There is no sticker that says dry, and there is no sticker that says yogurt. Wrapping candidates are now called sticker camouflage. Sometimes it’s rare to be a architect.”

So basically, I have no idea what he is saying, but it’s cool to see there may be a N car variant of the Ioniq 5 EV coming soon. Until then, do any of our readers understand Korean? If yes, please let us know what he is saying.