Road & Track website reports, “Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama’s former top female Black employee has accused the Montgomery, Alabama, plant of race- and gender-based discrimination and retaliation in a lawsuit filed against the corporation Tuesday.”

The plaintiff “Gilkey-Shuford, the director of administration at HMMA, advised a group of LGBTQ+ employees on a memo the group created for Pride Month this year. The memo described a litany of issues that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans employees sought to address within the company, including voluntary name changes for trans employees. According to Gilkey-Shuford, the group sought her advice on the memo because she was regarded as a friendly ear.”

“Gilkey-Shuford says plant leadership was likely angry that the memo ever got out to management in California. She believes that management, after learning she had advised on the memo—which she did not know would be shared with corporate—decided to restructure her department. The “restructuring” had exactly one effect, according to the lawsuit: It eliminated Gilkey-Shuford’s position. She was not offered an alternative position, and the change was effective immediately.”

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