Rearview Camera Kia Sorento Recall

Kia is recalling 2022-2023 Sorentos due to a weak housing for the rearview camera, which may cause the camera to dislodge from its position.

The automaker identified an issue in June 2023 regarding their crossover vehicle. After publishing a Quality Information Report, they conducted a data analysis and found 70 incidents possibly linked to the problem.

The warranty-returned parts with broken clips were sent to Kia HQ for evaluation, revealing that the rearview camera housing was too weak.

The camera mounting clips failing in certain vehicles can cause the camera to lose position, resulting in a useless image on the screen and non-compliance with U.S. regulations for backup cameras.

Kia is recalling a total of 144,979 Sorento vehicles from 2022-2023 due to a potential issue with the reverse camera. Approximately one percent of the vehicles are at risk of experiencing this problem, and there have been 127 reported incidents so far.

Kia is launching a recall campaign to address a problem with the camera housing in their vehicles. Although there have been no accidents or injuries reported, Kia will inspect and replace the camera housing with a new one to ensure safety. The recall will begin on October 27, and affected owners will be contacted to bring their vehicles to a dealership for the necessary repairs.