New Zealand phasing out Stinger

Photo by Pedro Szekely

Stuff, a New Zealand based internet publication ran a headline yesterday, “Kia New Zealand’s electric future has no room for the Stinger.”

“Kia has revealed details of its new ‘Plan S’, which will kick in next year and usher in the age of electrification for the brand. Plan S is a “bold new direction” for Kia, aimed at increasing vehicle electrification, connectivity and autonomy. It will be spearheaded by the new EV6, scheduled for a late Q1 arrival in New Zealand.”

“Globally, Kia will offer 11 EVs by 2025, targeting a 6.6 per cent EV market share across the globe. It also wants 25 per cent of its sales to be from “eco-friendly” vehicles by the end of 2025.”

“To increase those eco-friendly sales, Kia New Zealand is phasing out the combustion-only Sorento in favour of the plug-in hybrid and hybrid versions. It will also offer the plug-in version of the Sportage and any electrified variants of the Niro that are offered. The EV9 large electric SUV will likely make it here as well.”

“Unfortunately, the arrival of the EV6, particularly the GT version, means there isn’t any room for the Stinger. The local press release confirmed the latest shipment of Stinger “will be the last.” The EV6 GT will effectively replace the Stinger, although we wouldn’t expect the same $75k price.”

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