M&S America announces progressive group buy for Hyundai Veloster

M&S America and Stung by Kia have announced a progressive group buy for Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2013-2017 owners.

The group buy starts May 26th and ends June 20, 2022. The first buyer committing will receive at least a 11% discount on their order. With each buyer committing beyond the first and with each item committed to the discount for EVERYONE increases until we reach our goal of 20% off for everyone. At that time, buyers who have committed and filled out the group buy form will receive a email containing a 20% off discount code.

Shipping within the continental US is included. Shipping to Canada or Puerto Rico is possible at additional cost.

Ready to join the group buy? Not ready now but think you will be ready by June 20th? Not sure but want more info? Check out the group buy page and fill out the form at the bottom. We will email and text you updates as the group buy progresses.

Group Buy page and form

Check out this video from Logan Nerf @bluebarryvt with more info on the group buy and shots of the M&S America items on his amazing car!