Hyundai becomes first WRC team to launch 2022 Rally1 car

“The Korean marque has unveiled its challenger to tackle the WRC’s new hybrid era, featuring a tweaked version of its blue and orange factory livery.”

“New Rally1 regulations has resulted in Hyundai, Toyota and M-Sport Ford designing and constructing all-new cars from the ground up, with Hyundai the last of the marques to commit and start working on its 2022 challenger, the final specification only began testing in late November.”

“The biggest change to the cars sees the introduction of a 100kW hybrid unit coupled to the 1.6 litre turbo charged internal combustion engine, the only key component carried over from the previous generation of cars.”

“Drivers will be required to use hybrid power during every stage with power boosts activated by the throttle pedal and unlocked through energy regeneration under braking during the tests.”

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Hyundai N Worldwide posted the following video to their YouTube channel: