Kia Stinger Alliance World Record!

Updated July 20, 2021 5:00AM EDT – Trophy awardees names included

In what is apparently an unequalled turnout for a gathering of Kia Stingers, the First Annual Stinger Alliance & Scott Harvey Kia Car Show draws a swarm of nearly eighty Stingers.

Some of the car show trophy winners pose for a photo

July 18, 2021 Ewing NJ – Despite cautious weather reports for the area and thunderstorms the evening before the car show drew seventy-eight Kia Stingers from as far away as Michigan to the Scott Harvey Kia dealership located in Ewing, New Jersey. Facebook group Kia Stinger Alliance founders and event organizers Miguel Perez, Elvis Otero, Bryan Vellozzi and Scott Oliver (Kato the Kia Stinger’s driver), believe this may very well be the largest gathering of Kia’s flagship sports sedan owners worldwide. An event last year in the Chicago area hosted by a local club drew approximately sixty Stingers.

Posts on social media leading up to the event predicted greater than ninety cars committing to the Kia Stinger Alliance event. If the weather leading up to the show had been better the event could have potentially drawn in excess of one hundred Stingers.

The dealership was closed for business during the car show with the organizers taking over the parking lots to make room for the cars. They also had a DJ, food trucks, 50/50 raffle and product giveaways from corporate sponsors who included Flow, Infinity Motorsports Racing, Tego Automotive Products, Velossa Tech, M&S America, WindBooster and Burger Motorsports.

Trophies were awarded to: Frank Fatteruso (1st Place), Adam Decker (2nd Place), Scott Coleman (3rd Place) and Eric Vasquez (Dealer’s choice).

When asked what the plans were to top this event Bryan Vellozzi said, “we are already talking about plans for next year. We want to make it even bigger and better.”

Below is a photo gallery as well as a recap message from Eric Vasquez and Tom D’Angelo from