InsideEVs: Kia And Hyundai Raided: Authorities Search For Diesel Defeat Devices

Multiple news sources are reporting this breaking story. The following quotes are from Inside EVs, “German authorities have raided Hyundai and Kia based on suspicions related to emissions fraud. More specifically, the South Korean automakers are suspected of using illegal diesel defeat devices and/or software.”

“Eight of Kia and Hyundai’s properties in Germany and Luxembourg were searched by 140 authorities.” “The raids were organized by the European Union via an agency called Eurojust.”

“The German authorities have reason to believe that the two named automakers illegally sold over 210,000 diesel cars. The suspected software and/or diesel defeat devices are said to have been supplied by Bosch, as well as Delphi, which is now owned by BorgWarner.”

“They were reportedly equipped with software that’s purpose was to “massively” decrease or turn off emissions-reducing controls while the cars were being driven. Owners of the cars were allegedly misled about the emissions controls and/or made to believe the cars complied with EU requirements.”

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Other articles include Bloomberg, Automotive News, Business Times, Reuters, and The Detroit Bureau.