Hyundai’s History Chronicled in RETRACE Collection Book

Hyundai has announced the release of their RETRACE Collection book, chronicling the history of the company.

At a Hyundai Motor Company event launching an exhibition entitled ‘PONY, the timeless’ located at Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul, the company revealed the publication of RETRACE, a collection book and magazine series which celebrates the brand’s heritage. The PONY exhibition will open to the general public starting June 9th.

The exhibition follows the inaugural Hyundai Reunion event at Lake Como, Italy which occurred in May. At that event the restored Pony Coupe Concept car was unveiled nearly 50 years after its debut at the 1974 Turin Motor Show.

The RETRACE Collection book archives the history of the company, including records from Pony development that are being disclosed to the public for the first time. RETRACE Magazine explores the theme of ‘ownership’ through Pony, which opened the era of car ownership in Korea, and the magazine’s subheading ‘Forever Yours’ reflects the lasting impact that the Pony has had on Korean culture.

“Hyundai Motor has a history of taking on bold challenges and being in constant pursuit of innovation, and this heritage serves as a milestone as we embark on our future journey to achieve Progress for Humanity,” said President Jaehoon Chang. “I hope the ‘PONY, the timeless’ exhibition and the RETRACE Series will be an opportunity for people to reminisce about the past and take inspiration for the future.”