Hyundai Promotes Expert In Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) to Head of R&D Division

Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) today announced the appointment of Executive Vice President Yong Wha Kim as the new Head of R&D Division, effective May 1.

EVP Kim joined the Group in 2015 as an expert in vehicle control. Kim is an internationally recognized authority in the field of engine control software. In his new position as Head of the R&D Division, EVP Kim is expected to effectively lead the division to focus its efforts to integrate software and hardware in the industry’s transition towards software-defined vehicles (SDV).

SDVs are cars whose hardware systems comply to a given operating system ecosystem and where the installed features of the vehicle can continually be monitored or updated through software updates. As technology progresses, these software updates will be through the cloud, without requiring a trip to the dealership. Additionally, new features can continually be rolled out and should the car manufacturer so choose these new features may carry with them a one-time fee, or a monthly subscription, thus adding a future or ongoing revenue stream the automotive industry is just now realizing the advantage of.

Since joining the Group’s R&D Division, EVP Kim has held key positions, including Head of the Vehicle Control Development Group, Head of the Vehicle Control Development Center and Head of the R&D Planning and Coordination Center. He has vast experience encompassing hardware, software, mass-production vehicles and vehicles for advanced studies.

EVP Kim has led key projects, such as hardware and software integration strategies for vehicles. These strategies entail plans to integrate infotainment, electronics, autonomous driving, chassis, powertrain and vehicle controllers. He also served as Head of the R&D Planning and Coordination Center, supporting the Group’s electrification transition by establishing EV development strategies and relevant investment decisions.