Hyundai Motor’s IONIQ 5 N Debuts at Goodwood Festival of Speed, Setting New Benchmark for High-Performance EVs and Driving Fun

Hyundai Motor Company has just unveiled its IONIQ 5 N at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England. This is the first high-performance, all-electric model from Hyundai’s N brand. The IONIQ 5 N is a glimpse into the future of electrification for the N brand, offering a thrilling driving experience both on the road and on the track.

The new vehicle shows Hyundai’s long history of providing top-notch transportation along with driver-focused N models. The N brand returned to WRC in 2014 and achieved great success, winning multiple world championships. This winning spirit is captured in the N high-performance models. Now, with electrification, Hyundai continues this momentum by creating N’s very first high-performance electric vehicle, using the award-winning E-GMP-based IONIQ 5 as a solid base.

IONIQ 5 N makes Hyundai N the technology leader in Hyundai Motor and leads the way in advanced technologies for all Hyundai electric vehicles. The goal is to improve Hyundai’s overall competitiveness. IONIQ 5 N is just the beginning, with more electric N models to come.

“Hyundai N leads the way in technology at Hyundai Motor Company,” said Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company. “The N brand’s successful combination of technical knowledge and experience in motorsports is pushing the boundaries of vehicle performance. The latest outcome is the IONIQ 5 N, a revolutionary electric high-performance vehicle. Advancements related to this car will enhance the competitiveness of all Hyundai models in the future. That’s why the N brand exists.”

The IONIQ 5 N combines the regular model’s Electrified-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) with N’s motorsport-inspired technologies. It also benefits from N’s experience in developing electric vehicles like the RM20e, RN22e, and N Vision 74. These enhancements allow the EV to perform exceptionally well and meet N’s three performance goals: ‘Corner Rascal,’ ‘Racetrack Capability,’ and ‘Everyday Sportscar.’

The IONIQ 5 N was designed to bring more enjoyment to driving by using the newest technologies. The N brand wants to provide the thrilling driving experience that N is known for, whether it’s with petrol, electric, or hydrogen. Till Wartenberg, Vice President and Head of N Brand and Motorsport at Hyundai Motor Company, explained, “To achieve this, we’ve listened carefully to our N fans to make sure our first all-electric N car captures their passion for driving.”

Corner Rascal

The IONIQ 5 N’s Corner Rascal features several improvements to its body structure. The body-in-white (BIW) has been strengthened with 42 extra welding points and 2.1 meters of additional adhesives. The motor and battery mounting have also been reinforced. The front and rear subframes have been enhanced to make the car more rigid from side to side. Additionally, the car has integrated drive axles (IDA) inspired by the World Rally Championship. These axles, which are found at the front and rear of the car, have been reinforced to handle higher electric motor torque. This also helps to reduce the weight that is not supported by the suspension, thanks to the lightweight 21-inch forged aluminum wheels.

Rack-Mounted Motor-Driven Power Steering

To make the steering feel better and give the driver more control, the steering column of the IONIQ 5 N has been made stronger. The car also has a special steering system called N R-MDPS (Rack-Mounted Motor-Driven Power Steering) that has been fine-tuned. This system has a higher steering ratio and provides better feedback on the road. These changes mean that the steering is more responsive and gives the driver a clearer sense of what the car is doing, which will make them feel more confident.

N Pedal

N Pedal was created to solve the problem of electric vehicles being heavy and large. The goal was to make the handling of these vehicles responsive, just like the successful i20 N WRCs from Hyundai. The smart software in the IONIQ 5 N, called N Pedal, is designed to make the vehicle turn quickly and respond well to the accelerator pedal. It uses similar technology to the i-Pedal’s system for regenerative braking. N Pedal prioritizes sharp and exciting cornering over energy efficiency. By using the force of slowing down, it shifts the weight of the vehicle aggressively, resulting in sharper turns.

N Drift

The N Drift Optimizer helps the driver control the drift angle by using different vehicle controls that respond to real-time inputs. The integrated Torque Kick Drift function lets the driver imitate the clutch kick action of rear-wheel-driven ICE vehicles. This is useful for driving situations that need an instant drift start. It’s all made possible by advanced electronic control technology.

N Torque Distribution

N Torque Distribution allows for flexible distribution of power between the front and rear wheels, which can be adjusted across 11 levels. The e-LSD (electronic limited slip differential) at the back axle improves the vehicle’s ability to navigate corners while enhancing control. Furthermore, the electronically controlled suspension has been enhanced with extra wheel sensors and larger dampers, resulting in a wider performance range.

N Grin Boost / N Launch Control

Several special features help improve track performance. N Grin Boost increases acceleration for 10 seconds, and N Launch Control offers three traction levels for the fastest possible start, allowing drivers to launch their vehicle like a professional race car. Track SOC (state-of-charge) automatically calculates how much battery is used per lap.

Thermal Management

The IONIQ 5 N car is designed to handle extreme racetrack conditions. It is better at maintaining maximum power compared to other cars, even when it gets hot. This is achieved through an improved system that manages the temperature of the battery and motor. The system includes larger cooling areas, a more efficient oil cooler for the motor, and a battery chiller. By using separate radiators for the battery and motor, the IONIQ 5 N can maintain its performance during intense track driving without losing power.

Battery Pre-Conditioning

Before you start driving, the driver can use N Battery Pre-conditioning to make the battery cells reach the most power-efficient temperature. The driver can choose between two modes: ‘Drag’ mode, which provides a short burst of full power, or ‘Track’ mode, which optimizes the lowest possible battery temperature for more laps.

N Race

The N Race feature improves the EV’s endurance on the circuit, giving drivers more control over the car’s energy usage. N Race uses a method derived from motorsports to maximize resources for faster times. Normally, changing this type of setting would require a team of mechanics and equipment. However, the IONIQ 5 N allows drivers to make this change with just a few button presses, making it more convenient. With N Race, drivers can choose to prioritize ‘Endurance’ or ‘Sprint’. ‘Endurance’ maximizes the car’s range on the racetrack by limiting the peak power, resulting in a slower increase in temperature. On the other hand, ‘Sprint’ prioritizes power and provides shorter bursts of full energy. This feature helps drivers effectively manage their energy strategy and create an optimal performance window to achieve their driving goals.

N-tuned Brakes

IONIQ 5 N has powerful brakes called N-tuned brakes. They are Hyundai’s strongest braking system. The front brakes are 400-mm in diameter and have four-piston monobloc calipers. The rear brakes are 360-mm in diameter. These brakes are made with lightweight materials and improved airflow for better cooling. The regenerative braking system, which is used to save energy, has been enhanced in the IONIQ 5 N to improve braking performance. The regen brakes are the main source of braking force, but the mechanical brakes also provide additional force when needed. This ensures better endurance on the race track. To handle the demanding braking conditions at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, Hyundai N engineers created the N Brake Regen system specifically for the IONIQ 5 N. It can generate up to 0.6 G of braking force, which is the highest in the industry. The N Brake Regen system continues to work even when the anti-lock braking system (ABS) is activated, providing up to 0.2 G of force. By maximizing the power of regen braking, the risk of brake fade is minimized, which means less force is applied to the mechanical brakes. The transition between the regen brakes and hydraulic brakes is seamless and smooth, so the driver doesn’t notice it. Additionally, the left foot braking technique allows the driver to use both the brake and accelerator pedals at the same time when driving on the track.

N e-shift and N Active Sound +

IONIQ 5 N is a sporty car that offers an exciting driving experience. It has two features, N e-shift and N Active Sound +, which enhance the driving sensation. N e-shift allows you to control the power delivery and shifting, giving you more control over the car. N Active Sound + adds futuristic electric vehicle sounds along with traditional engine and exhaust sounds, making the driving experience more immersive. These features simulate the feeling and sound of a traditional car, making it enjoyable for those who are used to driving internal combustion engine vehicles. Hyundai N engineers developed these functions to address the lack of driver feedback in many electric cars. They wanted to give drivers a more precise control over the dynamic driving of the IONIQ 5 N. The N e-shift feature simulates the gearshifts of a traditional dual-clutch transmission, creating a realistic driving experience. It adjusts the motor torque output to mimic the feeling of shifting gears and provides a driving experience that is closer to traditional cars. N Active Sound+ complements the N e-shift feature by adding a customizable sound experience. It consists of a 10-speaker system that offers three different sound themes: ‘Ignition’ simulates the sound of N’s 2.0T engines, ‘Evolution’ provides a high-performance sound inspired by the RN22e, and ‘Supersonic’ offers a unique sound inspired by twin-engine fighter jets, which varies in volume during corners. The purpose of N Active Sound+ is to give drivers an auditory feedback that matches the power being used while driving the car.

Motor outputFront166 kW / 226 PS
Rear282 kW / 383 PS
Total output448 kW / 609 PS
Boost output478 kW / 650 PS(Front: 175 kW, 238 PS / Rear: 303 kW, 412 PS)
BatteryCapacity84 kWh
ChargingCharge Speed350 kW
Charge time10% to 80% in 18 minutes
DimensionLength4,715 mm
Width1,940 mm
Height1,585 mm
Wheelbase3,000 mm
TiresPirelli P-Zero 275/35R21
Braking systemFront4 piston 400 mm
Rear1 piston 360 mm
Regenerative brakingDeceleration0.6 G (0.2 G during ABS activation)
 100 km/h3.4 sec. (Boost)
Top speed260 Km/h
RangeTo be announced at regional market launch
Exterior colorsPerformance Blue Matte, Performance Blue, Abyss Black Pearl, Cyber Gray Metallic, Ecotronic Gray Matte, Ecotronic Gray , Atlas White Matte, Atlas White, Gravity Gold Matte and Soultronic Orange Pearl
Interior colorBlack with Performance Blue accents