HotCars: Why Hyundai Is Stepping In To Help Californian With The Elantra N’s Loud Exhaust Ticket

HotCars website has posted an update on the situation where a California resident and Hyundai Elantra N owner was ticket by police for excessively loud exhaust … but his car is bone stock. Worse, after being berated by the law enforcement officer the Elanta N owner brought the car to California’s Smog Check Referee, and it failed for excessive noise there as well. His California registration has now been revoked.

To help resolve the issue HotCars states Hyundai has now had a manager “[call] the owner somewhat recently to have a date set up where the car would get tested at HATCI. This is the Hyundai American Technical Center Inc. A hybrid loaner car has been duly given to the owner in the meantime, a car that the owner is currently still driving until at least February. Hyundai are also giving the owner $500 in compensation for the situation, including making payments on a vehicle he does not have. Hyundai themselves have confirmed nothing is wrong with the Elantra N.”

“The owner, whose username on Reddit is OkCandidate103, has managed to hire an attorney. One that was actually referred to him via a user on the ElantaN subreddit. A court date is now scheduled for February 23rd to hopefully get the suspension on the license lifted and bring this whole saga to a close. We can assume the officer who issued the ticket will be present and probably asked as to why he gave a ticket to a car that is bone stock. The owner states that a final update will get given in February, and they will lay out as many facts as possible.”

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