GearPatrol: Genesis Just Teased Us With an Onslaught of New Cars

Website reports, “Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury arm, produces some of our favorite new cars, including excellent efforts like the new G80 sedan and the all-new GV80 SUV. The vehicles look great, they’re luxurious, they drive smoothly and — like almost all Hyundai Group offerings of late — they offer compelling value propositions compared to competitors. The only quibble is that the cars aren’t particularly fuel-efficient. Genesis plans to address that issue in a big way. The brand just unveiled a new product strategy for the next decade with an onslaught of new vehicles — that will see the brand go fully electric by 2030. The transition will happen in stages. From 2025 onward, all new Genesis cars will be purely electric. The brand will employ what it’s calling a dual-electric strategy, investing in both battery technology and higher output hydrogen fuel cell powertrains. By 2030, Genesis will only be selling EVs, with a lineup of eight new vehicles. The brand hopes for vehicle production to be completely carbon neutral by 2035.”

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