AutoTimes: Kia says goodbye to Stinger next April

Korean language automotive journal AutoTimes reports the Kia Stinger is “scheduled to be discontinued due to lack of demand and electrification strategy. Kia plans to completely stop producing the Stinger in April 2023.”

“The reason for the discontinuation of the Stinger is the lack of demand and Kia’s electrification strategy. The Stinger sold 1,499 units from January to September this year in Korea, the lowest among Kia cars. It was down 39.1% from the same period last year. From May 2017, when it was released, to September of this year, the total number of cumulative shipments was 23,657 units. In the United States, sales averaged 13,000 units per year until last year, but it is showing a sharp decline to 6,189 units from January to August this year.”

“Since last year, Kia has eliminated domestic products, such as the Stonic and Soul, that were in low demand. The Stinger was also discontinued without a follow-up product in line with the new car cycle of 5-6 years.”

“Meanwhile, Kia plans to introduce a next-generation coupe-type electric sedan in 2025. Through this, the concept of converting the legacy of sports sedans to electrification.”

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