WardsAuto: Kia Plays Long Game To Win Over Electric Vehicle Buyers

Wards Auto website has posted, “Kia’s investments in electrification are about long-term customer satisfaction, not about playing short-term tag with Tesla and other EV competitors, the company’s marketing vice president says.”

“”Everyone always talks about Tesla. They have their loyalty. Let them have that,” Russell Wager, Kia’s vice president of marketing, tells Wards. “It’s all about the other first-time buyers.””

“Data indicates first-time buyers of EVs remain loyal to that brand, even when they experience hiccups with various components.”

““Dealers are worried they will lose business with EVs. I tell them, these customers are more loyal than customers of every vehicle you’ve ever sold,” Jon Sederstrom, managing director of global automotive strategic initiatives at J.D. Power & Associates, tells Wards. “Bolt buyers are more loyal than Silverado drivers.””

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