Two Kia Concept Cars to be Revealed

Reported on Autocar, Kia is set to launch two new concept cars next week, a compact crossover and a four-seater.

The carmaker will host EV Day, an annual event to showcase its electric cars and technology, featuring three new small-to-medium-sized electric models.

According to Autocar, Kia “has released a teaser image showing five silhouetted models with their daytime running lights on. [The photo] clearly shows the EV6 on the far left and EV9 on the far right, with the new Kia EV5 SUV, which was revealed in August, in the middle.” “The two remaining cars take the form of a sleek saloon (a car that seats four or more, hard roof and a separate trunk compartment) and a compact crossover. The latter is the compact crossover tipped to be called the Kia EV3 that will spied testing recently and will serve as a spiritual successor to the Soul EV.” Might “the saloon” be Kia’s take on Hyundai’s Ioniq 6? Or something totally new? Might it be a new EV Stinger?

EV Day will take place in Yeoju, Korea on October 12.

Several keynote speakers will discuss important topics related to Kia’s transition to a sustainable mobility solutions provider during EV Day. These topics include Kia’s comprehensive EV strategy, its ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, customer experience strategies, and new product updates.