TheKoreaTimes: Will Hyundai Motor scrap LNG power plant construction?

The Korea Times website reports, “Hyundai Motor has remained ambiguous about the construction of a power plant using liquefied natural gas (LNG) near its Ulsan factory, Friday, despite the possibility of losing its RE100 membership, as well as backlash from its unionized workers and the city’s residents.”

“Since the construction project was announced last month, concerns have grown among environmental activists here and overseas, including the Climate Group, which leads the RE100 campaign, a global initiative of businesses committed to making the move to 100 percent renewable electricity by 2050.”

“The activists described Hyundai Motor’s continuing use of fossil fuels as “greenwashing,” or deceptive marketing to make the company appear eco-friendly when in fact it is not.”

“The Climate Group even hinted at the possible nullification of Hyundai Motor’s RE100 membership, which it earned in April this year.”

“Amid the controversy, the Hyundai Motor union said late Thursday that the management expressed its intention to postpone the construction indefinitely.”

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