TheKoreaHerald: Hyundai Motor to lower speed limit of G90 self-driving features

The Korea Herald website has reported, “According to industry sources Sunday, the Korean auto giant has recently decided to lower the speed limit of the new system in line with international standards set by the UN Economic Commission for Europe, even though there is no such regulation here” (in Korea).

Hyundai Motor Group’s luxury Genesis G90, which is set to hit the market in the fourth quarter this year, will feature level 3 autonomous driving, limited to 60 kilometers per hour (37.28 mph).

“In South Korea, level 3 self-driving cars are allowed to drive at speeds of up to 100 kph on highways, like other vehicles.” “There are six levels of driving automation, which ranges from the fully manual zero to the fully autonomous level 5. Level 3 vehicles can detect road conditions and make their own decisions, such as passing a slow car, but still require human involvement.”

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