Road Test SsangYong Rexton offers huge space for little money

Website tests SsangYongs’ Rexton from Korea’s least known (in the United States) car brand. SsangYong is struggling financially as reported by Motor Authority and Teanganatoday linked to on Among the investors looking to bail out the struggling brand is HAAH, a United States based entity who has promised to bring SsangYong vehicles to the U.S.A. should their bid for the company be successful. Might you see SsangYong’s in your neighborhood sometime soon? Time will tell.

All this backstory makes road test all the more interesting. reports, “where it [SsangYong Rexton] does beat its more expensive rivals is when it comes to off roading. The Rexton is built to handle the rough stuff. You can switch from two-wheel drive to high or low range four-wheel drive by twisting a dial. I’ve driven one off road in the Lake District and it really is impressive. Perhaps only the Land Rover Defender or Discovery could beat it, and even then the Rexton would run its rivals pretty close.”

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