The Drive: The Genesis X Speedium Coupe Concept is Named for a Korean Racetrack

The Drive website has posted, “Concept cars are often used by automakers to trial future styling ideas with the public and to build excitement for coming models. Genesis is doing just that with its latest effort, the X Speedium Coupe, hinting at the brand’s direction as it pursues electrification in the coming years.”

“The X Speedium Coupe bears a strong resemblance to the previous (Concept X) design, particularly from the frontal aspect. The lines around the front splitter and along the hood are virtually identical, as is the way the lighting wraps around the fender.”

“However, the new concept features a more EV-styled closed design for the grille area, with the LED lighting outlining the area where the open aperture used to be. Where the previous vehicle featured more of a three-box design, the X Speedium Coupe instead has a fastback rear, while still retaining two doors unlike some “coupes” we’ve seen in recent years.”

“The unique name chosen for the concept comes from the Inje Speedium racetrack, situated high in the mountains of Genesis’ home country of South Korea. Indeed, the circuit also lends its name to the paint scheme, with the concept finished in a luxurious emerald shade by the name of “Inje Green.””

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