Yonhap: Hyundai Glovis inks deal with Air Products on hydrogen supply chain

Yonhap News (South Korea) reports, “Hyundai Glovis Co., a logistics unit of Hyundai Motor Group, said Tuesday it has signed a deal with Air Products on establishing a global hydrogen supply chain. Under the contract, Hyundai Glovis will cooperate with the world’s top hydrogen maker on building up a domestic supply chain for liquid hydrogen

Automotiveworld: Hyundai announces agreement with Shell for hydrogen infrastructure development

Automotiveworld website reports, “Hyundai Motor North America (HMNA) has joined Equilon Enterprises LLC (d/b/a Shell Oil Products US), also referred to as Shell Hydrogen, to encourage growth of the hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California. The agreement, known as Project Neptune, supports Shell Hydrogen’s construction of 48 additional and two upgraded hydrogen refueling stations across the

CarScoops: Kia To Launch Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles For The Military Before First Passenger FCEV Appears In 2028

Carscoops website reports, “During the “Hydrogen Mobility Show” in South Korea, Song Ho-Sung, president and CEO of Kia Motors, told reporters that Kia will focus on using hydrogen technology for the military, before using it in passenger vehicles starting from 2028. He also revealed that the first hydrogen-powered Kia models will be “mainly multi-purpose vehicles”.

TechCrunch: Hyundai Motor Group unveils its hydrogen strategy, plans to offer fuel cell versions of commercial cars by 2028

TechCrunch website reports, “Hyundai announced its strategy for the future of hydrogen on Tuesday during a live stream of the automaker’s Hydrogen Wave conference. Saehoon Kim, executive vice president and head of the fuel cell center at Hyundai Motor Group, said Hyundai’s goal is to also achieve cost competitiveness comparable to that of EV batteries

The Korea Bizwire: Hyundai, Kia Team Up with Canadian Firm to Develop High-efficiency Water Electrolysis System

Even combustion engine automotive enthusiasts agree, “green” environmentally conscious vehicles is where the industry is heading. Hydrogen may hold the most hope for a green energy source, however the production of hydrogen is currently cost prohibitive for automotive applications. The Korea Bizwire reports that Hyundai and Kia have entered into an agreement with Canadian electrolyser