Sam CarLegion: Tuned Kia Stinger GT 3.3 vs Ford Mustang GT Roush 5.0, drag and roll race

Never the one to shy away from a straight-line fight, Sam CarLegion has pitted many cars against his own nearly-stock Kia Stinger in the past.

Yesterday however the Sam CarLegion YouTube channel dropped a video pitting a 700 hp Roush Mustang against a borrowed, modified, Canadian all-wheel-drive Kia Stinger GT (which he claims to be equivalent to a GT2 in the US), sporting a JB4 piggyback ECU running MAP3, guestimated to produce 500 hp with a past ¼ mile Dragy of 11.9 seconds.

How did the Stinger do against a RWD Mustang with 40% more ponies?