Road & Track: The Genesis X Speedium Coupe Is the Sort of Concept We Don’t Usually See

Road & Track have posted an article, “”When a car is beautiful, it doesn’t need to say a lot,” says Genesis design head SangYup Lee in an interview with Road & Track. The idea here is not to resort to little styling touches to generate interest. With good proportions and a good stance, you don’t need big grilles, intricate lights, and busy surfaces.” “We’re all about genuine, puristic design,” Lee says. “Honesty is so important.”

“The Two Lines motif appears all over the car, on the hood, roof, fenders, and the day-light opening. That’s a particular favorite of Peter Schreyer, the former Audi designer who transformed the look of Kia, and now serves as a consultant for the Hyundai Motor Group. “If it wasn’t there, something would be missing,” Schreyer says. “There we go,” Lee replies. “That’s the whole thing because, once again, Genesis design is purposeful design. We don’t put it there unless its really necessary.””

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