Proposed NY Legislation Targets Speeders

Photo courtesy of Audiotecna Música

New York state officials have recently introduced a new bill aimed at addressing the issue of excessive speeding in New York City. This bill proposes a unique approach to handling the problem by targeting the most ticket-prone drivers and requiring them to install speed governors on their vehicles.

State lawmakers in New York have unveiled a proposed bill that aims to install speed-limiting devices in cars of reckless drivers. The bill, introduced by State Senator Andrew Gounardes and Assemblymember Emily Gallagher, targets drivers with multiple speed and red light camera violations in the city.

Camera violations in NYC do not currently add points to a driver’s license. The city has a program that requires drivers with a high number of camera infractions to attend driver safety courses or risk having their vehicle impounded.

The proposed legislation in NYC aims to implement stricter measures for drivers who repeatedly violate speed camera and red light regulations. If a driver accumulates six or more infractions within a year, they would be required to install a speed governor on their vehicle, limiting their top speed to no more than 5 mph over the posted speed limit. This would effectively restrict drivers to a maximum speed of 30 mph on most NYC streets.

New York officials have previously considered similar measures. State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal proposed a bill last year to install speed governors on all newly registered cars in New York State by 2024.

“If you have a demonstrated history of speeding throughout our city’s streets, of driving recklessly throughout our city’s streets, we are going to literally force you to slow down,” Gounardes said during the event.