PDriveTV: Hyundai RN22e (IONIQ 6 N) prototype track test

The folks at Performance Drive TV have posted a test drive video of the Hyundai RN22e (Ioniq 6 N) concept car. The RN22e was taken out on the track at the 2022 N Festival taking place at The Bend Motorsport Park in Elwomple, South Australia. 200 N car owners attended the event.

Demonstrated during the test drive was “Virtual Grin Shift,” a simulated gearbox, with paddle shifters and speed-limited redline in each gear, featuring a rev-limiter cutoff popping sound function, similar to what may occur on a internal combustion engine. Sport mode activates a subwoofer speaker mounted under the rear bumper. Torque Vectoring by Twin Clutch (e-TVTC) works similar to a limited-slip differential directing power.