Kia Stinger Carbon Fiber Upper Cover Sight Shield

UPDATE as of 15AUG2022 10:20AM: This group buy ended Sunday August 14th, 2022 website and Stung by Kia are offering a progressive group-buy on Carbon Fiber Upper Cover Sight Shield for the Kia Stinger.

This is the item which is directly above the radiator when you open your hood. Also included are the two triangular pieces along the fender.

How does a progressive group buy work? Simply, as the quantity of commitments to buy increases the discount for everyone also increases!

Even if only one person commits to only one item he/she will save 2% off the website $500 already low price. The second commitment will increase the discount by 2% to 4% for both people … all the way up to 20% savings! With only ten commitments everyone can buy this item for as little as $400!

Commitments are cumulative, so get the word out to fellow Stinger owners for everyone to save!

The progressive group buy starts now and ends August 7th. If we achieve the quantity of commitments needed for the maximum 20% discount early those who are ready to buy now will be able to place their orders before the 8/7 deadline date. This group buy offer is for and includes shipping to the continental US, only. Shipping to other areas is subject to’s approval and may involve additional costs. Estimated delivery time after the group buy discount code is published is approximately eight-weeks.

Ready to commit? Interested? Not really sure? Fill out the form below. We will update you by email or text periodically so everyone knows what the current discount level is at!

The carbon fiber upper cover sight shields are available at this amazing discount in black, red, forged, honeycomb or red honeycomb, your choice.

Want to find out more or ready to buy now? Let us know and get on this list by filling out the form.

The final Group buy discount will be based on actual orders. This offer is subject to availability, first come, first served. Shipping within the continental United States is included. Sales tax (if applicable) is additional.

Ready to buy, or just want more information? Fill out the form below:

Group buy has closed, the form has been removed.

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