Discount Code Expired 9/30/2021

HIKEIT is offering a 15% discount on their X5 & X9 throttle controllers if you buy one. If you have two cars, or if you team up with a friend and but two at the same time, you can get 30% off!!!

HIKE IT X5 Pedal Controller removes accelerator delay from the pedal, it has a 3 digit display; Eco/4×4, Sport/Tow, and Hike It Performance modes with 10 user modes per main mode (30 total).

HIKE IT X9 Pedal Controller also removes accelerator delay from the pedal, but it has a 4 digit display, and a one-key launch mode; Automatic IQ, Eco/4×4, Cruise, Sport/Tow, Hike It Performance and Over-take modes with a total of 40 user modes.

Both Hike Its have an auto brightness display sensor, an anti-theft mode (not found on most competitors units), and a vehicle specific pedal plug.

Buy one get a 15% discount, but two get a 30% discount. On check out use discount code: HISEPT1 (for one) or HISEPT2 (for two)

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