NJ.COM: Do you save your oil change receipts? A Hyundai owner didn’t, and now she’s fighting over a warranty.

NJ.COM has posted on their website, “Rebecca Walker was driving her 2015 Genesis Hyundai in late July when it started making what she called a strange noise. When she got off Route 287, the car stopped. She was able to get it started again and she made it to her son’s house, and then had the car towed to a local Hyundai dealership. The bad news was that the car needed a new motor, but there may be good news, too, the dealer said.”

“The next time she talked to the service department, it said it needed to submit some more information to prove Walker was the original owner. That was easy. But after that, the representative asked for receipts for all the car’s oil changes.”

““I told the serviceman that we have certainly gotten the oil changed but that we don’t have the receipts,” Walker said. “We don’t just go to one place and we have had the car for seven years.””

“On Aug. 15, the dealer called to say the warranty request for a new motor was denied.”

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