Motor Biscuit: Are Hyundai and Kia Aiming to CrabWalk, Too?

Motor Biscuit website has posted, “A new patent approved on April 28 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows that Hyundai and Kia are working on their own version of GMC Hummer EV’s CrabWalk or Rivian’s Tank Turn on their own. The patent says that it’s for a new method and system for controlling an “in-situ rotation mode” of a four-wheel independent steering type vehicle.”

“Presumably, Hyundai and Kia could adapt the system for any vehicle. But the way the wheels seem to rotate independently, it would make sense that it would be for an electric vehicle. And, with the company’s new EV9 SUV and EV6 SUV coming to production soon, it would makes sense that on the four-motor platform they would add four-wheel-steering to keep up with the other four-wheel-steering off-road SUVs.”

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