Mintz Garage Carbon Fiber Center Console Group Buy for the Kia K5

Mintz Garage is offering Stung by Kia members a huge savings with progressive group buy pricing on carbon fiber center consoles for the Kia K5! A carbon fiber shift knob is also being offered optionally at a substantial savings as well.

Progressive Group Buy

The way progressive group buys work is those who want to participate in the group buy will fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Even if only one person signs up he/she will only pay $549 for the carbon fiber center console or $599 for forged carbon fiber (both represent a $50 savings off the normal price). But if five people sign up the cost for everyone drops to $499 for carbon fiber and $549 for forged. If ten people sign up the cost for every buyer drops to $449 for carbon fiber and $499 for forged. So everyone is incentivized to get the word out and let all your friends know about this group buy.

To make the deal even better a carbon or forged carbon fiber shift knob with boot can be added for only $300! That’s a $99 dollar savings!

When Does The Group Buy Start and End?

The group buy starts now! If you want in, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We will be communicating with you via email and text messages letting you know how many people have signed up. On June 23rd the group buy closes and everyone who has signed up will be notified how many participants have joined in and what the discount is currently at. Everyone will be given instructions on how to complete your purchase. All orders must be paid in full June 23rd. If you back out that hurts everyone, so once you commit by filling out the form please follow through completing your order on June 23rd. Please also share this group buy with other! It helps everyone when you do!

What about Shipping?

If you are located in the lower-48 United States, shipping is free! If you are elsewhere shipping is additional. Once you fill out the form below and if you are outside the lower-48 US, we will do our best to get you a shipping estimate so you know what to expect.

Once My Order is Complete and I Have Paid For My Order, How Long Before I Receive My Items?

Estimated delivery date to the lower-48 USA is 5-to-8 weeks after payment is made.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

If you are from the lower-48 USA (except NJ) or from outside the lower-48, your order is non-taxable. If you are from New Jersey, NJ sales tax may be collected additionally. Mintz Garage will let us know and we will communicate with you before you pay for your order.

Stung by Kia organizes the group buy participants and coordinates with Mintz Garage to insure everyone has as smooth an experience as possible. Ultimately your order is with Mintz Garage, however Stung by Kia is here to help with any issues that may arise. By working together we have the purchasing power of five or ten orders instead of just one.

Fill out the form below if you are ready to commit to participating in the group buy. Your order will begin processing as soon as you pay on June 23rd.

Fill out the group buy form below!

    Disclosure: purchasing via the group-buy above helps financially support website.