MarketingDive: Kia takes inspiration from nature for new audio signature

MarketingDive website has posted an article which states that Kia has partnered with audio production company DaHouse to develop a synthesizer which will give Kia car models their own unique sound logo. Sounds for inside new Kia vehicles may include rain falling and beach waves, or pink noise (a hash-like continuous sound effect spanning the human-audible range from very low frequencies to very high frequencies. Scientists have studied the psychological effect of listening to pink noise).

MarketingDive website notes, “Kia’s new synthesizer is indicative of a broader push towards digital audio by marketers.” “The decision to pull sounds from nature may be indicative of the brand’s attempt to reach out to outdoor enthusiasts, with the company claiming the sounds produced by its synthesizer inspire movement, inspiration and creativity.”

“In addition to being used in audio advertising, the synthesizer can be heard inside the manufacturer’s new 2022 vehicles. A four-track album created by the metaverse-exclusive artist Wave was also produced using only the synthesizer.”

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