Korea Bizwire website has posted, “outh Korean automaker Kia Corp. said Thursday it will provide support in setting up electric vehicle (EV) chargers for buyers who live in apartments, villas and other multi-dwelling homes.”

“Kia signed an agreement with EV charging service provider Home & Service Co. to start a EV charging solution program for multi-dwelling houses.”

“If a buyer signs up for the program, Kia will take charge of processing all essential steps to set up EV chargers near their home, including consultation with the residential committee and in-field negotiations.”

“Starting this year, 5 percent of all parking spaces in newly erected apartment complexes and more than 2 percent of those in already built complexes will be allocated to setting up EV charging stations, which is expected to raise demand for EV chargers among residents.”

“It is expected that 3-kilowatt (kW) concentric EV chargers or 7-kW slow-speed EV chargers will be set up at apartment complexes where discussions at the residential committee and other working-level processes have been completed.”

“There will be no costs to consumers to set up EV chargers. Charging fees will be set at a reasonable level to encourage use by residents.”