Kia Stinger and Hyundai Genesis Coupe Owners Among Those Most Likely to Have Speeding Tickets

Insurify website has posted the ten vehicles mostly likely to be owned by drivers who speed. The results are based on 4.6 million car insurance applications. Therefore, we may need to clarify, these are the ten vehicles mostly likely to be owned by drivers who have been pulled over and found guilty of speeding. Insurify does not have access to data showing speeders who did not get caught.

Insurify’s research finds that on average, 7.1% of all drivers receive speeding citations. The brand Infiniti was the #1 brand cited for speeding, with 8.7% of drivers receiving a citation, 22.54% more than average.

All ten of the most-cited makes were foreign car brands, with five Japanese brands, three German brands, and two Korean brands. The three brands whose owners speed the least are Cadillac, with 5.4% of drivers cited, Tesla, with 5% of drivers cited, and Volvo, with 2.7% of drivers cited.

Of the 10 most-cited models, BMW i3 owners speed the most overall, with 17.6% of its drivers having speeding citations on their record, nearly three-times the average. The i3 is also the only model on the top 10 worst offenders list that isn’t a high-performance internal combustion engine sports car. It’s a fully electric car, unlike the others on this list.

So who made the top ten list? See below:

  • #10 most likely to have a owner that speeds, Mazda MX-5 Miata, 29.58% more likely than average.
  • #9 Infiniti G37, 50.70% more likely than average
  • #8 Honda S2000, 52.11% more likely than average
  • #7 Volkswagen Golf GTI, 56.34% more likely than average
  • #6 Kia Stinger, 88.73% more likely than average
  • #5 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, 88.73% more likely than average, a tie with Kia Stinger
  • #4 Subaru WRX, 91.55% more likely than average
  • #3 Scion FR-S, 92.93% more likely than average
  • #2 Audi S4, 105.63% more likely than average
  • #1 BMW i3, 147.89% more likely than average