Kia Soul Airborne After Pick-up Loses Wheel

A dashcam captured the moment a Kia Soul went airborne after colliding with a wheel that had come off a pickup truck on a busy California freeway. The incident occurred last Thursday on the 118 Freeway in Chatsworth.

The video shows a Kia Soul hatchback in the left lane approaching a Chevy Silverado pickup truck traveling in the adjoining middle lane. The pickup’s front left wheel comes off and travels directly into the path of the unsuspecting Kia, sending it flipping into the air. After rolling a few times the Kia came to rest on its wheels. The detached wheel that caused all the incident continued rolling out of control before smashing into the ill-fated Kia a second time.

California Highway Patrol stated the occupant of the Kia Soul suffered only minor injuries, and no one else was hurt per reports from station ABC 7.