Kia May 2023 Navigation Map and Software Update

Kia has posted the May 2023 Navigation Map and Software update to their site as well as to the Kia Navigation Updater program.

A list of Kia vehicles supported by this update can be found here. Older Kia models can order a map update via mail by going to .

What’s New?

Aside from updated maps, the biggest change in the May 2023 update will be for EV owners. The May 2023 update contains an EV Route Planner to assist in adding charging station waypoints to a trip. The May 2023 update will also provide a new list which contains frequently visited EV charging stations, or a list of gas stations near your vehicles’ current location.


If you have not yet downloaded the Kia Navigation Updater program to your computer you can do so here.

For a video giving step-by-step instructions on updating the Kia Stinger’s navigation and infotainment system, click here. Or view the video here below:

Note that in the video Tom shows how his 2018 Kia Stinger GT2 automatically updated (when turning the car on with the updated navigation files inserted into the SD card slot on the car’s dashboard), however if your Stinger does not automatically update as his did: on the car’s UVO screen click up “Setup” (from All Menus), then click on “System Info,” and then from the System Info screen click on “Update” in the SW Info tab. This will start the update process.

If you try the “start the car with the card inserted” cheat method shown in the video make sure the UVO screen displays “Update Complete” at the end of the update process. If it does not use the menu approach described above.

If you prefer written instructions (as opposed to the video) they can be found on Kia’s website here.

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