Jalopnik website posted a story, “… a customer of Bob King Hyundai Genesis located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In late 2020, he and his wife leased a Genesis G70 from the dealership. Everything was fine. He continued making payments on the car. That is, until he found out that his first lease payment had been stolen by an employee of the dealership.”

The dealership CFO contacted the customer informing him that a review revealed an employee had charged the customer an additional lease payment amount and apparently had pocketed the money. The CFO asked for proof from the customer that a “first payment” was indeed made on the day he picked up the vehicle. The customer sent the CFO back a copy of his bank statement confirming his account was charged the payment on the pick-up date.

“How could a dealer employee have gotten his or her hand on a nearly $600 lease payment?” The customer’s wife “recalls someone coming to collect their card for payment which is when the employee could’ve taken the payment: … my wife remembers someone coming to the car after all the paper work was done and getting a payment. We gave him the card and he went back and processed it.”

“However it happened, the customer was never told who the employee was or their position, but the dealer had enough details to involve local law enforcement about it. In a stroke of good faith, the dealer said they would handle getting him his money,” if, that is the customer agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement. “He could get his money back with the catch was that he couldn’t speak to anyone about what happened.”

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