Is a Hyundai mobility autonomous pod in your future?

Hyundai’s Consumer Electronics Show press event has given us a small glimpse into what Hyundai envisions to be the future.

In December 2020 Hyundai Motor Group acquired an 80% stake robotics research and innovation leader Boston Dynamics. Hyundai acquired this 80% stake from SoftBank for the tidy sum of $880 million dollars USD. SoftBank retained a 20% share in Boston Dynamics through an affiliate company however six months later Hyundai announced it now had a controlling stake in SoftBank, making Boston Dynamics effectively fully owned by Hyundai.

Hyundai presented many plans at CES and the good folks at ROADSHOW have posted a video summarizing Hyundai’s autonomous pod plans, condensed for your viewing pleasure down to a four minute video.

How would you like to ride around in phonebooth with motorized caster wheels?