Insurify: Car Models With the Rudest Drivers in 2021

We at are starting to wonder if someone at Insurify has a vendetta against Kia Stinger owners! The insurance shopping website has published a list of “Car Models With the Rudest Drivers in 2021.” Kia Stinger owners top the list, by a sizeable margin.

The chart states, “Drivers of these cars have the highest incidence of these violations on (their past) record: failure to stop, failure to yield, improper backing, passing where prohibited, tailgating, street racing or hit-and-run.”

It is important to note that Insurify is not suggesting that the drivers committed the violations while driving their Stinger, but instead had committed the violations in the past and are now looking to insure their Kia Stinger. The data is based on four million car insurance applications.

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