Insurify: Car Models with the Most Speeding Tickets (2021)

Insurance website Insurify published a list of the ten makes/models of cars with the highest percentage of owners who have prior speeding violations. In essence, they created a list of the most desirable and attainable cars for those who have gone fast in the past.

The national average in the United States is 9.59% of all drivers have prior speeding offenses. Kia Stinger owners have 43% more prior speeding than the national average. As a result, the Stinger is the third most popular car for past speeders.

The only models more attractive to speeders than a Kia Stinger are Hyundai’s Genesis Coupe, 46% more than National average; and top honor (or dishonor, depending on one’s perspective) is the Subaru WRX at 49% more than the national average. Other KDMs on the list include the Hyundai Veloster at 35% more speeding tickets than average.

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