Hyundai’s New Glovebox Inspired by Aircraft Overhead Bin

Hyundai Mobis, the 6th largest automotive supplier globally, has designed a new automotive glove box for electric vehicles, such as Kia’s EV9. The design allows for additional glove box capacity while also minimizing the risk of knee collision when the glove box is opened.

The new glovebox, referred to as a “Parabolic Motion Glove Box,” is inspired by aircraft overhead bins. “Parabolic Motion” refers to the trajectory arc that the glovebox door travels.

In its quest to optimize the glovebox for electric vehicles, Hyundai Mobis has significantly enlarged its storage capacity. Conventional internal combustion vehicles typically offer a glovebox capacity of around 5.5L. However, by adopting the parabolic motion approach, Hyundai Mobis has increased this capacity to over 8L. Consequently, this increase allows for the storage of oversized items compared to traditional internal combustion vehicle gloveboxes. Apart from boosting capacity, usability has been enhanced, including simplified item retrieval and insertion.

The new glovebox originated from a 2021 in-house idea contest. Since 2019, Hyundai Mobis has been fostering a culture of voluntary and creative R&D among its employees, having already accumulated over 3,200 ideas to date as of the first half of this year.