Hyundai Pony Car Documentary

Rumors swirled last week that Hyundai is green-lighting production of the N Vision 74 concept car, or at least a similarly shaped rightful successor which may contain a more conventional power-plant than the concept car’s hydrogen-electric one.

No sooner than the rumors appeared they were then shot down; although not in definitive terms, and not from a highly placed HMG executive based in Korea and on the record.

Although it could simply be coincidence, Hyundai Worldwide decided to post a ten-minute documentary film on YouTube about the Hyundai Pony Coupe and its designer, Goigetto Giugiaro. For those who are unaware, the N Vision 74 concept pays homage to Giugiaro’s Pony Coupe design. To make matters even more mysterious, the YouTube video’s title is “… the Next Chapter.”

Is Hyundai simply teasing us? Or is Hyundai sending an intentional message?

One thing for sure, the creation of this documentary was planned, scripted, shot and edited long before the recent N Vision 74 controversary. So why post it now?

What do you think?