Hyundai Mobis Develops New Headlamp Technology

Hyundai Mobis has developed a next-generation headlamp technology which projects hazard and/or safety symbols onto the roadway ahead of the vehicle in real-time. The new technology is expected significantly reduces nighttime car accidents for both drivers and pedestrians.

The lighting system recognizes road signs, based on text or shape, and and then projects the information onto the road surface. For example, the photo above shows there is road construction ahead using a symbol, while the photo below shows a crosswalk symbol projected onto the road surface to assist pedestrians crossing the road safely.

While there are legacy safety technologies which inform users about driving information, like GPS navigation and head-up display (HUD), the headlamp lighting system assists both drivers and is an aide to pedestrians.

The system is comprised of HD micro LEDs and a digital micro mirror device (DMD), a collection of tiny mirrors that together act as a reflector. Information obtained from the front sensor (camera) and GPS navigation may also be integrated to the headlamp system.

The system has approximately 25,000 micro LEDs thinner than a human hair. This is 250 times as many LEDs as those installed in conventional LED headlamps.

When a vehicle approaches a construction zone, the headlamp lighting system will project onto the street “Under Construction” symbols that are approximately 4.5 foot tall and 45 feet ahead of the vehicle. Speed limits may also be displayed. Identifying upcoming speed bumps and highway onramps and exits are other possible uses. The camera sensor also recognizes pedestrians while the vehicle is driving and then projects a virtual crosswalk on the road when the car stops.