Hyundai In-Wheel Electric Motor System Enables Zero Turns & Crab Walking

Hyundai Mobis announces they have succeeded in developing the in-wheel electric motor system which allows power control, braking and steering over each wheel independently. Hyundai Mobis is currently testing it’s reliability for future mass-production.

Hyundai Mobis began developing the in-wheel system in 2010. In-wheel motors are inherently complex in so far as they place the powertrain on the wheels themselves. Potential benefits of in-wheel systems include enhanced drive and power efficiency, longer cruise ranges, improved driving performance, and unique steer modes such as zero-turn and crab steering.

Oh Heung-sub, Executive Vice President and Head of Electrification for Hyundai Mobis said, “We plan to complete the development of this technology that is both durable and reliable so that we can begin mass-production of the in-wheel system by the end of this year.”